Sleeping woman accidentally flies to Gibraltar instead of Belfast with easyJet


A woman woke up at the end of a flight to realise she’d accidentally gone to Gibraltar rather than Northern Ireland.

Gemma Cargin arrived at Manchester Airport on Sunday morning and headed to what she thought was the right gate.

When the 25-year-old got there she handed over her boarding pass to be scanned and boarded the plane.

Once nestled into her seat Gemma, who is originally from Banbridge, County Down, settled in to what she thought would be a 40 minute nap.

When she woke from the sleep the teacher looked at the time and asked a member of staff when they’d be landing.

“They told me we were landing in an hour and fifteen minutes – and I said: ‘Is this flight not going to Belfast?'” she told the BBC.

“They told me it was going to Gibraltar. I said: ‘Guys, I’m on the wrong flight’.

Gemma was immediately concerned about how she was going to get home and whether her parents, who were due to pick her up, would be worried.

When her mum was informed she had not made it onto the Belfast flight, despite having texted from the plane before takeoff, her stomach “flipped”.

Gemma said her parents were then wrongly informed she was on her way to the Spanish city of Alicante.

“They were making arrangements to bring me back from Alicante and it wasn’t until I landed in Gibraltar and got phone signal that I was able to let them know where I actually was,” she continued.

The aircraft’s crew allowed Gemma to get some air and take a quick photo before she headed back to Manchester on the same plane.

In the course of her day trip the inadvertent jetsetter ended up flying just shy of 2,400 miles.

Luckily Gemma does not have to quarantine because she did not leave the vicinity of the plane and had a negative Covid test.

In a statement, EasyJet said that it is investigating with the airport how Gemma was allowed onto the wrong flight.