Young couple in race against time for fairytale wedding after tragic cancer diagnosis


A young couple are praying lockdown is fully lifted by June 21 so that they have their dream wedding after the groom-to-be received a tragic diagnosis.

Miles Lloyd, 26, and Michelle Pickford, 29, have saved the date of June 24 in the hopes that “Freedom Day” goes ahead as planned this summer.

The couple began organising the big day last year when they received the devastating news that Miles had an aggressive form of cancer known as double hit lymphoma.

But with Covid plunging the nation into repeated lockdowns and complications relating to Miles’ treatment, they have had to call it off four times.

Doctors are now giving him daily radiotherapy treatments at Torbay Hospital to try to give him a bit more time, but he has been told he has less than six months to live.

After his diagnosis the couple, who live with Miles’ parents in Torquay, were desperate to get married sooner rather than later, reports Devon Live.

“We’ve always spoken extensively about the future and always planned to get married and have a family,” Michelle said of the early days of their relationship.

The couple first met in 2016 through mutual friends before moving into Miles’ parents house in Torquay.

It was while he was being treated with chemotherapy as an inpatient that he decided to do something very special and proposed to Michelle in hospital.

She was over the moon, and when Miles started going into remission they began saving for a 2021 wedding.

But tragically the cancer returned and he was told by doctors that it was terminal.

Now they area keeping their fingers crossed that lockdown rules are fully lifted so that all 80 of their guests can attend and be there with them.

They have a back-up list of 30 guests in case Covid spikes again and the regulations remain unchanged.

But it would mean they could only have family and Miles’ many friends would not be allowed to join them.

“It’s been very hard. I think I am still in shock really. Miles is very up and down. They are doing some radiotherapy to try to make him more comfortable and we are hoping it will give us more time together,” Michelle said.

“Without it he would only be here for a couple of weeks.

“We are really concerned about all these rumours about Covid coming back again.

“I am quite traditional and have always dreamed about the dream wedding with the big dress and everyone enjoying themselves.

“Miles is very tired now and we had to call an ambulance yesterday because he collapsed after his radiotherapy from the pain – the lymphoma is in the sack around his heart and he is in a lot of pain. He is very, very sleepy.”