Cancer faker who conned £22,000 out of well-wishers should be jailed, says duped victim


A mum-of-two who swindled well-wishers out of £22,000 by faking terminal cancer “should be jailed” to “teach her a lesson,” a victim has said.

Megan Scotcher, 27, has been blasted as “disgusting” after lying to family and friends she had just months to live.

In a post on social media, she claimed she was “devastated” by the news that seven tumours had been found in her lungs.

She claimed she wanted cash to create “holiday memories” with her two young children on a last-minute getaway before she died.

When generous donations eclipsed an initial GoFundMe target of £5,000 by a £17,000, Scotcher told well-wishers she was looking at “nice log cabins” to create memories with her boys.

Her story unravelled when a relative spoke to medical staff at the hospital where Scotcher claimed she was being seen.

Police began to investigate after it emerged there was no record of the treatment she said she was receiving.

Now mum-of-two Danielle, who was one of many duped into handing over money to Scotcher, has said she should put behind bars for exploiting the harrowing disease.

GoFundMe has told the Mirror that they reimbursed all those who were scammed out of money by Scotcher – but Danielle says the fraudster should pay it back herself.

“It was a terrible thing for her to do and I think she should be made to pay back every single penny people gave her,” the victim told The Sun.

“As far as I’m aware GoFundMe refunded everyone but that’s not the point – she should pay back not them.

“We all know people who do have cancer and the fact that she lied about it is disgusting… She should be jailed. She needs to be taught a lesson.”

Danielle said she fears the crimes will be let off with a “slap on the wrist” that wouldn’t reflect the huge family “rift” caused by Scotcher’s lying.

It comes after dad of the scammer’s ex-boyfriend, Jamie Corbett-Bromley, slammed her for abusing his son’s “good faith”.

Ian Corbett-Bromley said his son had set up the GoFundMe for Scotcher believing that she was about to die and unaware of the “complete lie”.

He also revealed that Jamie is the sole carer of his and Scotcher’s son Archie, who she mentioned in her fraudulent Facebook posts.

Claiming her final wish was to take her young boys on holiday and save money for them to split after she died, the mum wrote: “I’m absolutely devastated – more so for my children.

“With the youngest it’s quite difficult because he wouldn’t really understand.

“And with my eldest, he knows that I’m poorly but at the minute he doesn’t know the full extent.”

Jamie initially set a target of £500 for the online fundraiser but kind well-wishers flooded the page, donating upwards of £12,000 in days.

Another person raised £2,500 by completing a 1,000 kilometre bike ride.

“I can’t get over people’s generosity to be honest,” Scotcher said after the donations came through.

“It’s been mind-blowing. It’s really amazing how people can come together – I still can’t get over it now.

“We’ve been looking at nice log cabins and different places where the boys can go with the bikes. It will create some really nice memories with them.”

Scotcher, from Ripley, Derbyshire, was arrested in March, this year and charged with one offence of fraud by false representation.

She appeared at Nottingham Crown Court by video link today and admitted the charge.

The case was adjourned to allow for a psychiatric report to be prepared ahead of her sentence at the same court in September.