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Grandparents use Storycorder to Connect with Grandchildren


Storycorder allows us stay connected with our grandkids who live several hours away. Now even when we can’t be with them, we can still read to them. Our daughter has told us that our grandchildren listen to our voices on the Storycorder CD over and over again – they love hearing us read their favorite books.


And Storycorder is not only fun for our grandkids; it’s fun for us, too. We pick out a book we think one of our grandchildren will like, then, using the Storycorder software, we read the book out loud and burn the recording to a CD. We put the CD inside the book, mail the book and the CD to our grandchild, and presto! – it’s almost like we’re there.


We love the ease and flexibility of Storycorder. We aren’t restricted to particular books and we don’t have to spend hours figuring out the software. Storycorder works with books of almost any length and was specifically designed to be simple to use.


Even if your grandchildren live in the same town that you do, you may not see them as often as you would like. Storycorder offers a wonderful way to stay connected. With Storycorder, you can connect with your loved ones no matter where you – or they – are.

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